When you work with a script-driven application on your website and all of the content that you create is stored in a database, your website hosting plan has to include ample database storage space, to make certain that even if the website grows, you won't experience any kind of problems because of the shortage of storage space. PostgreSQL is an example of a widespread database management system that's used with numerous scalable web applications and in case you want top-notch performance and reliability for your website, it's very likely that you will employ this system. Considering this, you'll need a web hosting package that will not bound your world wide web presence, particularly if you need to manage various sites and each of them employs PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Hosting

A number of the hosting plans that we supply are excellent for hosting websites that require a PostgreSQL database to function because they include unrestricted database storage. With these plans, you're able to install and run any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script application and enjoy a fast and dependable hosting service. We can provide you with unlimited database storage space since we do not run everything on one and the same server. Instead, all PostgreSQL databases are handled by a different cluster, that is a part of our tailor-made cloud website hosting platform, so we will always put more hard disk drives or whole servers to your cluster when needed. With our shared hosting services, you'll never need to worry that the progress of your websites will be restricted because of the insufficient space for your databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you use one of our semi-dedicated plans, you can manage PostgreSQL websites without having to worry that you will get to any sort of limit for the size of your databases, because there isn't such a restriction. When you use our cloud hosting platform, a dedicated cluster of servers takes care of the databases, thus when more computing power or database storage is required at any time, we just add extra servers or hard disk drives. Compared to various other companies, we do not run everything on a single server. Our plans are powerful and make it possible for you to operate heavy, multi-media websites, so we've made sure that the PostgreSQL database storage feature matches all the rest of the attributes. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel that is included with the semi-dedicated accounts allows you to see the size of each PostgreSQL database that you have along with the full size of all databases, but these numbers will be available solely for your information.